Team and Group Coaching

We are increasingly called upon to apply our knowledge and expertise to the development of leadership teams and leadership cohorts. Here the focus is on the impact of the team and the collective potential and impact of the cohort. The methodologies are different yet the intention is increased performance and scaling leadership in the organisation.

Team Coaching

Team coaching involves both leaders and team members together as a collective, it is about the team creating collective change. It takes the growth and development one step further than one to one coaching. It is more complex than individual coaching and likely to have a bigger impact. The team are coached to work together to achieve a shared goal. Team coaching involves everyone in the team, including the leader driving collective accountability and shared benefit.

Team coaching accelerates team performance in a number of ways; it can help teams to clarify a shared purpose, goals and roles, clarify strategy, objectives and priorities, understand how to work better with others ( interactions across the team, reduce conflict, improve decision making, create psychological safety and trust, drive accountability and effective feedback,  improve communication).  

Teams are where most work gets done in organisations today and team coaching addresses the increasing need to help people to excel as a unified and focused team.

Group Coaching

As with one-to-one coaching, group coaching helps people examine and reflect on their own behaviour, and that of others. In group coaching, individuals are more likely to implement changes if they are accountable to their own learning community and this highlights one of the main drivers of the effectiveness of group coaching – individuals learn from each other and are more motivated to change behaviours and ways of working because of the journeys they have been through together and the commitment they make to each other.

Group coaching also provides the added advantages of fostering the trust needed for effective collaboration, creating networks, cutting across silos and enhancing communication across the organisation. It’s this added value that is making group coaching an increasingly popular L&D intervention.

In group coaching, the individuals in the group typically have different work goals yet share interest around a common topic: in team coaching the team members share a common goal as well as shared topics.

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