Our Thinking

We are integrative coaches: our skill lies in bringing latest thinking into practical coaching interventions with impact.

Whole System Thinking

Our work with leaders and teams takes a purposeful approach to whole system thinking. This involves the important exploration of the individual or teams place in the wider system, and then using this awareness with skilled interventions to make lasting transformational changes. This approach brings to conscious awareness some of the underlying dynamics that exist.

Mindset Shift

We believe mindset shifts underpin all learning and behavioural change. We use specific interventions that catalyse changes in perspective to enable managers to see and understand wider patterns, intervene at more systemic levels and to think more adaptively. This can involve processes such as ARC, 3D Mapping and business constellations to identify underlying dynamics and patterns that may impede success.

Support and Challenge

We believe some of the biggest shifts occur when we work together at the edges – at the edges of our knowing, at the edges of our comfort zones and at the edges of our growth potential. This requires both support to build trusting relationships and challenge to catalyse change.

Strengths Integration

Celebrating successes, validating progress, identifying and leveraging strengths are core elements to why working with Ascentia is energising, compelling and rewarding.

Embedding New Practices

We have introduced a range of new practices to clients to support the embedding of new behaviours, mindsets and ways of working. These practices include ways to create support and challenge networks and frameworks, increase psychological safety, generate new ideas and approaches, hold one another to account and ways of harnessing daily reminders.

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